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Use product data to acquire and retain users

Datafy combines product usage and marketing data to identify which channels, copy, and content drive growth - no coding or setup required.

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#1 multi-channel analytics software for growth teams

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Connect product & campaign data to find growth opportunities

Connect marketing performance to product analytics in a few clicks to attribute user growth to specific channels and campaigns

Spend Confidently With Better Attribution

Datafy's Pixel gives you more than just first/last click attribution. Our server-side pixel tracks all your first party data to help increase your ROI on ad spend.


Save 20 hours a week with Datafy

No more time-consuming manual spreadsheet to run your daily, weekly and monthly dashboards process. Your dashboards are auto-generated in real time.

First-Party Data for a Cookieless future

Our server-side tracking helps you collect your first party data with full privacy compliance, which means you no longer have to rely on third party cookies, which are now blocked by all the major browsers.

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Sync your data with your ad platforms

Sync your data with tools like Facebook custom audiences and Google Ads customer match for better targeting and AI optimisation for increased ROAS.

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Stay ahead the curve with alerts

Datafy lets you set automatic alerts on your most important metrics and dashboards which are then delivered by email, Slack, and many other channels.


Nick Wojdyla, Digital Marketing Leader

"Our ad ROAS improved by 40%, thanks to a more accurate view of our Facebook attribution, made possible by Datafy's tracking."

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